Analyse, evaluate and implement.

 What is it….

The inemon controller is a versatile energy monitoring controller designed to keep you and your business informed of energy consumption, temperature ranges and gas detection levels in a wide range of environments at a glance. The device collects, stores and transmits data for analytical, legislative and cost saving purposes.

 Why we provide it…

We understand that using energy within any organisation large or small is expensive. We provide the inemon data controller to enable users to effectively monitor data in a wide variety of applications in a clear and transparent way enabling energy and cost saving strategies to be clearly implemented saving energy and money.


Building Management System...

Premises using Building management systems (BMS) are often unaware that they are operating in an ineffective way due its complex nature. However, a simple installation of the inemon controller will allow you to fine tune your Building management system in an efficient and cost saving way, by measuring points according to the usage will allow you to fine tune your system according to its priority.

Clear, concise evaluation.

Data at a glance...

inescon energy monitoring software is a comprehensive and user friendly energy monitoring and analysis solution, providing an extensive range of tools and techniques for managing all aspects of energy in real time.

Using the latest web technologies, enVision presents your energy data in a format which is both highly graphical and immediately accessible to all levels of user. Data is automatically imported from any energy source and analysed for Energy Efficiency, Carbon Emissions or Costs.

Catering for all sizes of business, enVision is available as both an online service or can be installed on the customer’s site. A range of licensing options offer complete choice and flexibility when selecting the best product for your business requirements.




How does it work…

The inemon has pulse inputs, Modbus, analogue CT and wireless connectivity providing the ultimate flexibility for monitoring energy consumption. Energy usage is recorded at selectable intervals, typically 1/2 hourly. This data is stored on the DataStream and automatically sent to a central server, such as a Monitoring and Targeting package or a spreadsheet such as Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis.




Process, record & present.

Built in Ethernet provides high speed, real time access to meter data via the internet or corporate IT network with the benefit of no ongoing communication charges. For remote sites, a GSM/GPRS option is also available.

Powered by a high speed ARM® processor the inemon has the capacity to acquire, process, record, present and stream data from multiple energy meters and environmental sensors.




Install, evaluate, implement. Save.

Our ethos at inescon is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on reducing associated cost with daily activities. Therefore, before we install or implement any initiatives we recommend the installation of the inemon energy saving dashboard. We believe our clients benefit greatly from information on devices and utilities that are most cost intensive before making any decision to install and replace. This approach we believe gives our clients a fully comprehensive and transparent view on return on investment.




Knowledge is power.

The energy dashboards versatility and transparency allows you to keep a view the energy consumption of any commercial or residential environment with great ease from any environment either at work or home.












Four step process to energy saving.


Energy Supply

Cloud Server



Technical Specification

8 x Pulse Inputs

8 digital pulse inputs for energy meters or digital status monitoring (S0 class meter inputs)

8 x Analogue CT Inputs

8 analogue inputs for wired current transformers from 5A to 2000A ratings

Modbus RTU and TCP/IP Communications

Connects to serial Modbus enabled meters to retrieve, log and forward Modbus meter readings.Optional Modbus TCP slave to allow access via the network to internal registers including time clock, digital, analogue, EnOcean and Modbus RTU meter values.

EnOcean Wireless

Optional link to EnOcean wireless sensors and inescon EnOcean wireless Current Transformers (CT) to rapidly install additional wireless meter points

Ethernet Interface

Built in high speed 10/100 Mbit Ethernet links to the Internet or corporate Intranet


Optional GSM/GPRS communications for remote applications


User ID/password security with optional guest web page access level

HTTP Web Server

Built in Web server for simple device configuration and data presentation (another sample)

File System

Protected file system maintains logged data when powered down

CSV Files

Logged data may be exported via email / FTP / Web browser as CSV file format for use in spread sheets and a M&T systems

Email Server

Built in SMTP to send logged data via email

File Transfer

Built in file transfer (FTP) can send logged data to a host computer at configurable intervals

Time Synchronisation

Built in battery backed time clock with automatic synchronisation via the network (SNTP)

Energy Profiling

Built in Energy profiling presents interactive charts in a Web Browser to reveal energy wastage

Carbon Analysis

Built in calculation of carbon emissions included in CSV file

Remote Updates

Te DataStream may be updated remotely over the Ethernet network to reduce maintenance costs


The dashboard allows
companies or organisations
to comply with law and regulations.