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Why do you need it…

To comply with legislation

The Government is complying with the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) with the introduction of the Energy Performance Certificates. The EPC shows a record of the energy efficiency levels and CO2 emissions of a building.


How does it work…

It is classified with a coloured graded chart

Energy efficiency levels and CO2 emissions of a building are graded by using a standard table from A to G (A being very efficient, G being very inefficient).

Who needs it…

Property owner or Letting agent

If you are a Landlord letting property or simply a house owner looking to move, you are required by law to have an Energy Performance Certificate.

What next….

A friendly assessor will visit your property 

Once you have ordered your EPC from us, a friendly qualified energy survey will come and visit you at the premises promptly.

what is assessed….

To ensure satisfaction and compliance.

A thorough examination of all areas within the house will be evaluated which have a direct impact on the energy consumption. These include areas such as loft insulation, domestic boiler, hot water tank, radiators, and windows for double glazing, etc.

How is it calculated…

Our Super Computer

All of the information is then placed into a software programme which carries out and calculates the level of energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. This programme then proceeds to generate the level of energy efficiency in the property, with a recommendation report on the ways to improve the energy ratings by using cost effective and low and zero carbon generated systems.

How this helps you….

Reducing costs and consumption.

This will help improve your energy levels and ensure future savings on fuel costs. There is a similar report which provides figures on the environmental impact. This report shows a table of estimated energy bills per annum and the potential for improved and lower fuel costs, but without any reference to the actual householder bills.


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At inescon we are very proud of the service we provide. We guarantee to give our clients a service which will not only assist with energy reduction but will also reduce cost

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The system allows companies or organisations to comply with law and regulation