What is legionella…

Potentially lethal disease.

A form of Pneumonia caused by the inhalation of small droplets of water from contaminated sources containing legionella bacteria.


Do I really need a legionella assessment…

Is it the law…

The answer to a very common question is absolutely Yes! It has been the law since 2001, and there are various regulations stipulating this. There is a common misunderstanding and perception that a risk assessment is not required, it is a Health & Safety requirement, Landlords and letting agents have a specific duty to ensure that this is carried out.

How are you affected….

All hot and cold water systems are a potential source.

Residential properties are a potential source for legionella bacteria due to the hot and cold water systems where bacteria growth can multiply and increase to dangerous levels and then spread. Common place areas are showers, taps, dishwashers and washing machine pipes.

How does Legionella bacteria grow…

Old or poorly maintained water systems are particularly at risk.

Additional conditions such as sludge, rust or scale feed the bacteria which encourages growth. Ideal conditions occur in water between 20 and 40 degrees C which is allowed to remain stagnant.

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Ignoring the problem….


Will almost certainly cause you legal and financial problems.

The dangers arising from legionella bacteria are extremely real and are potentially life threatening. Failure to comply with the law could result in criminal prosecution. The Health & Safety executive are very active in enforcing strict guidelines and will take the necessary action according to the law for failing to adhere to the regulations.

What do I need to do now….

Ensure the property is safe.

A Legionella risk assessment must be carried out and control measures implemented. A Sustainable strategy must be carried out to reduce potential risks and records must be kept with a regular review planned and maintained. We can assist you with all your requirements.

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