Connect. Detect. Comply.


Why we made it…

Existing refrigerant gas detection systems in the marketplace today are mainly built for industrial factories and retail environments giving very little consideration to aesthetic design, installation and analytic consideration of data process. We at inescon believe that a gas detection system should not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eye allowing it to be utilised in a wide range of environments, but quick to install and intelligent with the data it receives.

Why do you need it….

Cost saving & environment

Refrigerant gas is not only expensive but, extremely harmful to the environment and is believed to be one of the main contributing factors to global warming. The detect & protect system will assist you and your organisation in reducing the harmful causes to the environment by limiting the amount of time the refrigerant gas can escape into the environment, this will provide a quicker response time saving you money on costly refrigerant gas leakage.

Legislative requirements...

As well as saving money the detect and protect system assists you and your organisation with legislative requirements and guidelines in place today for the future.


Health & safety

Refrigerant gas is not only damaging to the environment but is toxic and possible deadly if inhaled. The detect & protect system allows visual and audible warnings to allow customers, organisation and owners to be protected 24-7 from the risks associated.


How does it work….

Rest assured. Easy installation.

Due to the success of wireless internet access, there are many hotels and office blocks with redundant ethernet sockets. The design of the detect and protect system allows these ethernet ports within hotels, office blocks or apartments to be utilised to install the system subsequently reducing unsightly wiring and costly man hours on site.









Sleep easy. Detecting & Protecting.

You and your clients can sleep easy knowing that the aesthetic design of the system blends in with any environment. It is designed to be easily installed with power of ethernet giving you the flexibility of installation.














This intelligent approach of the system assists in reducing false alarms through contaminants found in everyday environments. As soon as the inescon ‘detect & Protect’ front end senses there’s a problem, the front end will inform the detector which will flash yellow while it is evaluating the situation and then change to red if things get worse.






No Panic. We have it covered.

The design of the detect and protect system allows notification in areas such as concierge or reception areas reducing the need for panic. Upon detecting a gas leak the system will warn to evacuate the room without causing panic or unnecessary inconvenience.











Versatility for environments.

The Inescon ‘detect and protect’ system is designed to be be robust enough to cope with industrial environments but stylish enough to look out of place.













When the detector flashes…
What’s going on?
Is there refrigerant gas in the room?
Where is the danger?
What should I do?


The detect and protect traffic light warning system.  A simple three step process to gas detection.

The easy three colour code illumination halos give you a very easy sign that the detect and protect system is working, detecting and protecting.

Relax. We’ve got you covered.


The Inescon detect and protect gas detection system is consistently monitoring the environment it is surrounded by.  The Green light reassures you that the system is working throughout the day & night.

Thinking. The system is evaluating...


The yellow light is an indication that the detect and protect system has detected a substance within the environment that is either refrigerant gas or a substance that posseses similar characteristics. The system then evaluates what event should happen next.

Action. Evacuate.


The Inescon ‘detect and protect’ system will show a red halo and alarm once a gas is detected within the environment. Dependant on whether the system is in network or solitary mode will determine how the alarm is generated.


Technical Specification

Gas Sensor


 Arm Cortex M4 Dual core CPU running at 204 Mhz• 250Khz ADC sample rate• Embedded pre-emptive OS

• TCP/IP Stack

• 136k Ram

• 1MB flash

• IR and analog sensor compatible

• MBUS Comms

• Relay output

• Buzzer output

• WEB interface for settings

• Telnet Client

• Contact free relay



 DHCP/Static IP• DNS setup• Able to set a threshold for stand alone mode, a detection above this will trigger alarm

• The trigger has a timer. Level value must be above the threshold level for the time allocated to cause an alarm..

• Test Page for testing the board and sensor

• RGB led can be set to diff colours depending on DHCP got IP address, Alarm, Threshold reached but in timer, Errors.


The system allows companies or organisations to comply with law and regulation